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Restaurant Löwen Hausen am Albis

Türlersee 2025 - Lido, Restaurant & Camping

From 2025, the experienced Löwen team will take over the campsite and the Türlersee lido. You can look forward to the tried-and-tested offer with additional new services that will make your stay even more pleasant and relaxing.


Questions and reservations for 2025

For questions and reservations for next year, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please contact the following address: info@camping-tuerlersee.ch

We look forward to welcoming you to Türlersee from 2025. See you soon at Türlersee!

This will be new at Türlersee

1. Türlersee-App

The new Türlersee app makes your visit even more convenient. You can purchase tickets digitally and order food directly to the sunbathing lawn. This saves you having to queue at the ticket office and allows you to enjoy your time at the lake to the full. Of course, you can still pay in cash.

2. Menu

The menu remains true to the tried-and-tested and popular dishes, including fish crispies, chips and bratwurst. In addition, healthy snacks as well as vegetarian and vegan options have been added to the menu. There is something for every taste.

3. Open-air lounge

A cozy open-air lounge is being created in the lower part of the restaurant. This invites you to linger in its loungy corners and offers the perfect atmosphere to enjoy the new cocktail menu. Whether it's a refreshing drink after a swim or a relaxed evening with friends - the open-air lounge will be a highlight of your visit.

4. Camping services

The services for camping guests are also being expanded. You can look forward to a bread roll service and a practical shopping service. Thanks to the Türlersee app, you can conveniently place your orders so that only one vehicle leaves in the morning to run errands. This saves time and protects the environment.

5. Sustainability and environmental awareness

Sustainability and environmental awareness are the focus of our measures. Numerous small and large initiatives help to protect the environment and make the experience of nature at Lake Türler sustainable. These include reducing waste and promoting regional products.

Türlersee Strandbad und Restaurant Türlersee Camping

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Restaurant Löwen Hausen am Albis
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