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Restaurant Löwen Hausen am Albis

Wine cellar

The Löwen wine cellar offers a special ambiance! The 300-years-old walls and beautifully decorated oak tables with festive candles will fill your heart with wonder. The Löwen-Weinkeller is unique and has been recognized with the “Swiss Location Award.”

Events with up to 40 people, be it birthdays, weddings or company Christmas dinners, usually take place in the Löwen wine cellar. The aperitif can take place in the bar or on the lounge terraces in front of the bar. Afterwards, the guests move to the elegantly decorated wine cellar, which offers a particularly dignified atmosphere with its large candleholders and wine collection.

Banquet experts

The Löwen team is specialized in banquets and events and will be happy to support you with a lot of knowledge and experience already in the preparation phase.

Room and furnishing

  • Room size 10 x 7.5 meters
  • Space for 40 people
  • Rectangular oak tables with chairs or benches

Technical infrastructure

  • Microphone system
  • Sonos music system

Available services

  • Banquet organisation
  • Flower decoration
  • Photographer
  • Organization of special infrastructure (lighting, photo booth, etc.)

Food and drink:

Menu proposals for Banquets

Wine cellar
Wine cellar
Wine cellar
Lounge Restaurant Löwen Hausen am Albis

Discover the Löwen wine cellar, an award-winning location that delights with its unique charm and historic ambience. The 300-year-old walls, paired with lovingly decorated oak tables and the soft glow of festive candles, create an atmosphere that is simply incomparable. As winner of the prestigious "Swiss Location Award", the Löwen-Weinkeller is far more than just an event venue; it is an experience that makes hearts beat faster and promises unforgettable moments.

With space for up to 44 people, the Löwen-Weinkeller is ideal for a wide range of events - from intimate birthday parties and dreamy weddings to festive corporate events or Christmas dinners. Every event in the Löwen wine cellar becomes an exclusive experience, which is further emphasized by the elegant design of the room and the special atmosphere created by the large collection of wines and the large candlesticks.

Imagine a free wedding ceremony in the romantic atmosphere of our wine cellar. Surrounded by the centuries-old walls, under the warm light of candles, the Löwen wine cellar offers an intimate yet solemn setting for your vows. This special location gives your ceremony a touch of history and exclusivity that will make it unforgettable.

Our experienced Löwen team, specialized in organizing banquets and special occasions, is at your side from the planning to the execution of your event. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we will ensure that every detail meets your expectations and that your celebration runs smoothly.

The Löwen wine cellar, with a size of 10 x 7.5 meters, not only offers enough space for 20-44 people, but also flexible design options with rectangular oak tables and matching chairs or benches. Equipped with a modern microphone and Sonos music system, the wine cellar leaves nothing to be desired in terms of technology and guarantees perfect acoustics for your event.

In addition to professional banquet organization, we offer a range of services to make your event a complete success. From floral decorations that enchant the room to arranging a photographer to capture your best moments - we take care of every detail. On request, we can also organize special infrastructures such as individual lighting concepts or a photo box to provide additional fun and lasting memories.

The Löwen-Weinkeller is not just a location; it is a stage for life events that will be remembered. Whether for a free wedding ceremony, a birthday party or a corporate event - experience the magic of this historic venue and turn your event into a highlight that your guests will remember for a long time to come.

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Restaurant Löwen Hausen am Albis
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