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A shared meal after a funeral is a long-observed ritual for saying goodbye with dignity.

We will organize the post-funeral meal and arrange it according to your wishes.

We know that it is difficult to know how many guests will attend the funeral reception in advance. That’s why we come to an agreement on a minimum number of plates with you, but at the same time, we’re prepared in case there are more guests than expected.

We would be happy to support you on this important day with a fitting meal during the funeral reception, and we thank you in advance for the trust you’re placing in us.

Food and drink:

Menu proposals for Funerals


In times of parting, a funeral meal, often referred to as a funeral coffee or memorial service, offers the opportunity to come together in a dignified setting to remember a loved one. Our restaurant in the peaceful surroundings of Hausen am Albis, between Zurich and Zug, provides a contemplative place where family and friends can share memories and offer comfort in an intimate setting.

We understand that organizing a funeral meal can be an additional burden during a time of grief. That's why we offer a sensitive and discreet service to help you through this difficult time. Our house has quiet, secluded rooms that provide an appropriate setting for remembering a loved one. Each room can be customized according to your wishes and in accordance with the number of guests to ensure an atmosphere of peace and dignity.

The culinary accompaniment to a funeral meal should respectfully emphasize the occasion. We offer a selection of specially designed menus ranging from light snacks and finger food to hot dishes to suit the preferences of the deceased or the wishes of the family. Our culinary team places great emphasis on simple yet hearty dishes that provide comfort and contribute to shared memories.

Every funeral meal is as unique as the person being honored. Our experienced event planners are on hand to make the organization as easy and smooth as possible. From food selection and room design to musical contributions or a memorial with photos and keepsakes, we take care of every detail so you can focus on what's important: remembering a loved one.

In our restaurant, we attach great importance to discretion and respect for your grief. Our attentive staff provide an unobtrusive service that honors the setting of the funeral meal and gives guests the opportunity to commemorate and offer support in peace.

If you are looking for an atmospheric location for a memorial service in Hausen am Albis, near Zurich and Zug, our restaurant offers the ideal setting for a dignified memorial service. At this difficult time, we are here to support you with empathy and professionalism and to create a space in which life and memories of the deceased take center stage.

Together, let us create a place of remembrance and community that allows you to say goodbye to a loved one in a setting full of dignity and respect. We are honored to support you during this time and contribute to a dignified farewell.

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Restaurant Löwen Hausen am Albis
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