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Restaurant Löwen Hausen am Albis


Joelle Apter Joelle Apter Management

Thanks to her many years of experience as an entrepreneur, Joelle brings valuable know-how when it comes to creating a positive working environment for our employees*. Her vision is to make everyone on the team feel valued, supported and at their best. Joelle has a university degree in genetics and computer science. In 2018, she took up her passion for gastronomy, qualified herself through various gastronomy trainings and quickly internalized the business field. Joelle is a delegate of GastroSuisse and GastroZürich and president of GastroAffoltern. She lives in Hausen am Albis, is married and has 4 partly grown-up children.

Oliver Wirkus Oliver Wirkus Head chef and management

As general manager and chef, Olli has a passion for gastronomy that can be felt in every dish and every detail of the restaurant. His goal is to offer guests an unforgettable culinary experience. He does this by using seasonal ingredients and regional products to maximize the quality and flavor of the dishes. Olli and his team work hard to achieve the highest standards of service and quality. They are always looking for new and innovative ways to enhance the culinary experience of our guests. However, they do not forget the classic and traditional dishes that make the restaurant a place where you feel at home.

Aline Leidenix Aline Leidenix Management assistant

Aline is a true organizational talent and a key figure in our team. She places great importance on understanding the wishes and needs of our guests. After banquet meetings, she knows their preferences and ideas and works closely with the kitchen team to create a customized menu that meets the guests' taste. Whether it's a perfect corporate dinner, a memorable wedding, or a glittering birthday party, Aline ensures that every aspect of the event is perfectly planned and executed. Thanks to her experience and passion for event management, Aline is a reliable contact for our guests and ensures that every event is a complete success.

Tim Jäggi Tim Jäggi Sous Chef

Tim is a true professional in the kitchen and convinces with his professional competence and his calm, level-headed manner. Even in hectic situations, he always maintains an overview and ensures that all dishes are served on time and in the highest quality. His patience and passion for cooking also make him an excellent apprentice trainer. He ensures that the apprentices not only learn the basic skills, but also realize their full potential and discover their individual strengths.

Stephanie Jaquet Stephanie Jaquet Chef de Service

Stephanie is an experienced and dedicated Chef de Service who ensures that every guest at the Löwen has a memorable time. With her keen eye for detail and love of being a host, she ensures that all guests' needs are met and service runs smoothly. As an experienced service person, Stephanie always keeps calm and maintains an overview, even in stressful situations. She coordinates the service process and ensures that everything runs smoothly and efficiently so that our guests can fully concentrate on the culinary experience.

Gandalf Gandalf Koch EFZ
Aneta Aneta Housekeeping
Friedrich Friedrich Waitress
Julian Julian Kitchen apprentice
Kamil Kamil Kitchen staff
Lucia Lucia Kitchen staff
Luisa Luisa Housekeeping
Michele Michele Waitress
Paulo Paulo Park-Beizli
Ramona Ramona Kitchen apprentice
Roland Roland Waitress
Stephen Stephen Housekeeping
Tatiana Tatiana Kitchen apprentice
Vincenzo Vincenzo Chef
Coralie Coralie Assistant waitress
Jessica Jessica Assistant waitress
Margherita Margherita Assistant waitress
Nina Nina Assistant waitress
Noa Noa Assistant waitress
Tamar Tamar Assistant waitress
Tian Tian Assistant waitress
Vreni Vreni Assistant waitress
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Restaurant Löwen Hausen am Albis
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