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Restaurant Löwen Hausen am Albis


Joelle Apter Joelle Apter Owner and Restaurant Management

Joelle, a biology graduate, has built several IT companies together with her husband over the past 25 years. Since 2018, she has been running the Löwen with a lot of drive, passion and success. Joelle lives with her family in Hausen am Albis.

Oliver Wirkus Oliver Wirkus Head Chef

Oliver ensures with wit, natural authority and the right choice of music that good work is done in the kitchen. Olli is a passionate cook who has turned his hobby into his profession. His dedication, quick thinking and talent make him the Löwen chef de cuisine.

Bruna Ribeiro Bruna Ribeiro Deputy Restaurant Manager

Bruna knows how to make her whole team perform with dedication and talent. She exudes a magic when she gracefully walks through the premises. And she always knows what the guests want at the moment. She lives hospitality with all her heart.

Tim Jäggi Tim Jäggi Sous Chef

Tim never loses his temper, even in hectic situations. He is lightning fast and highly precise at the stove. The kitchen team trusts the skilled chef and copies many cooking tricks from him. His patience and passion also make him an excellent apprentice trainer.

Stephanie Jaquet Stephanie Jaquet Chef de Service

Stephanie is responsible for the planning and execution of banquets and other events. She knows exactly what is important and how to make the stay at the Löwen special for her guests. With her friendliness and charm, she lives the "Löwen Spirit".

Michele Abello Michele Abello Chef de Service & Bar manager

Anyone who has ever been to the Löwen-Bar knows the charming Italian. It's hard to imagine the Löwen-Bar without him. Every weekend Michele creates drinks for his guests and ensures a good mood. In the Löwen wine cellar he serves his guests with a great deal of passion.

Ana Ana Chef
Antonio Antonio Chef
Kitti Kitti Park-Beizli
Lucia Lucia Park-Beizli
Luisa Luisa Housekeeping
Manuela Manuela Waitress
Marc Marc Housekeeping
Margherita Margherita Waitress
Matej Matej Kitchen staff
Melanie Melanie Waitress
Noemi Noëmi Park-Beizli
Paulo Paulo Park-Beizli
Tatiana Tatiana Kitchen apprentice
Vincenzo Vincenzo Kitchen staff
Katharina Catharina Assistant waitress
Lia Lia Assistant waitress
Livia Livia Assistant waitress
Noa Noa Assistant waitress
Tamar Tamar Assistant waitress
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Restaurant Löwen Hausen am Albis
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