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Restaurant Löwen Hausen am Albis

About the Löwen

The Löwen is one of the most traditional restaurants in the Knonauer Amt with a "Tavernenrecht zum Löwen" that dates back to Napoleon. The festive hall on the second floor, the restaurant area on the first floor with its large beer garden, and the beautiful bar with the historic wine cellar have made the Löwen the central gastronomic institution in Hausen am Albis and the surrounding area.

The property’s current owners and restaurant operators, entrepreneurial couple Joelle Apter and Michael von Arx, are committed to its history and tradition. The Löwen will continue to be a meeting place for a wide variety of guests and groups in the coming generations.

As a locally-based restaurant, the Löwen team puts its professional knowledge and skills at the fore every day to meet its guests’ needs and desires. The prepared dishes are made with fresh ingredients that are primarily from local producers and suppliers. Employees are valued, and they receive encouragement and training.

The Löwen restaurant places high importance on sustainability and ecological optimization. The heating and the hot water preparation is fueled by a wood chip heating system. The electricity purchased from the Elektrizitätswerk Zürich is also carbon-neutral (it’s also called "eco-electricity"). There are also three charging stations for Teslas and other electric cars, which supports the Löwen’s sustainability concept. The sale of top-quality village water (Huuser Quell from the Albis) underscores its ecological aim, as there is no packaging or transport needed.


The impressive building was erected around 1720, and it is one of the most distinctive secular buildings in the village of Hausen am Albis. Along with the Löwenplatz, the Löwen comprises the center of the old village’s northern side. The Löwen is a baroque building with a striking staircase. The banquet hall, which is characteristic of a restaurant in the region, was added in 1878. This architectural structure bears witness to the history of a noteworthy rural restaurant.

Löwen Hausen am Albis
Restaurant Löwen Hausen
Restaurant Hausen Löwenplatz
Löwenplatz Hausen

In 1833, the members of the “Gesellschaft Hausen,” the local craftsmen’s guild, bought the Löwen building. The guildsmen painstakingly rebuilt the house into a restaurant. Ever since that year, the Löwen has been in operation as a gastronomic enterprise without interruption, and its registered “Tavernenrecht zum Löwen” dates back to the times of Napoleon.

In 1858, Ebertswil district judge Schärer acquired the Löwen. The “Gesellschaft Hausen” has held their so-called “Säckelmeister celebration” for the many years since at the Löwen; this big celebration is in honor of the election of the guild’s president.

In the late 1940s, couple Karl and Julia Burkard of Willisau (LU) bought the Löwen Restaurant. In 1957, their son Emil Burkard ("Migl") took it over.

In the 1970s, the “Beizenfasnacht” (regional carnival) made the Löwen known across the region. As the last carnival in the canton, it was celebrated extensively at the Löwen. Three bands played at the same time: one in the bar, one in the restaurant, and one in the banquet hall. The hundreds of cars parked along the roads leading to the village showed how important the Löwen was for carnival-goers from near and far.

In 1987, Beat and Ruth Burkard took over the restaurant and ran it for 31 years with deep dedication.

Since April 2018, the Löwen has been run by entrepreneurial couple Joelle Apter and Michael von Arx. They are committed to its history and tradition. The Löwen will continue to be a meeting place for a wide variety of guests and groups.

Joelle Apter und Michael von Arx
Joelle Apter und Michael von Arx (Bild: Birgit Riedmann, TopCC AG)

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Restaurant Löwen Hausen am Albis
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